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Volunteer local teams
-Oravita – Sasca – Nera
-Nera -Almaj
-Portile de Fier (Iron Gates)
-Cheile Carasului
-Veliko Gradište
-Jasenovo – Bela Crkva


Volunteers council formed by nine local co-ordinators of volunteers teams.

Total number of people legitimated as GEC Nera volunteer: 112.

Total number of GEC Nera volunteers legitimated by MMGA (Environment and Water Management Ministry) as volunteer ecological agents: 60.


Alternative monitoring of environment factors and of bio-diversity from natural protected areas on Danube, Caras and Nera rivers.

The activity consists in gathering of information regarding to the status of environment factors (water, air, soil) and bio-diversity and regarding to anthropic activities which produce aggressions against natural patrimony.

Information is written down by the volunteers in specific formularies for monitoring. On the base of monitoring formularies, GEC Nera volunteering centre achieves periodical monitoring rapport, which is sent to the environment protection responsible authorities of Caras Severin and Mehedinti counties.

Warnings addressed to local authorities in case of some majors aggressions against environment factors and bio-diversity from the natural protected areas.

Activity consists in the quick informing of the environment protection responsible authorities, by the telephone messages or by the fax, regarding to the major environment aggression events found by the volunteers and which are an immediate danger for bio-diversity from park areas.

Collecting of pollution samples

In their monitoring missions or by the occasion of warnings, the volunteers collect samples of water, soil, flora and fauna, in case of this samples can provide relevant information about the major aggression against the environment.

The samples are sent to the environment protection responsible authorities, which have specialised laboratories of environment monitoring.

Cleaning activities of special zones from natural protected areas.

This activities are especially destined of cleaning of the paths and stop over places from special zones (natural reservation) included in the natural protected areas, which, as usually, are polluted by the wastes and packing. The collected wastes are evacuated from park areas and are stored in the waste deposits.

Informing of people and tourists groups regarding to the natural protected areas regime.

Within their mission, the volunteers delivery to the people and tourist groups a lot of informing materials as informing bulletin, pliant, booklets, informing calendars, etc.; and install panels including practice norms for tourism and for others activities in the park areas.

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